Monday, June 18

anOthER weDDinG wEEKenD . [twO oOTDs]

ayyy ladies ! I am back from my mini girls weekend . had a fantastic time at my girl Joscie's wedding ! such a beautiful day , I love weddings .. I love LOVE , all that good stuff .

I got another rod set, this time they were smaller pieces and I used the orange and red rods. came out tighter but as they fell, it was fuller, which is what I really like about this one.

ahhh, enough talking, let's see some pictures .. .

I instantly feel in love with this dress when I seen Linda, from A Fat Girl's Blues Boutique rocking it on her site. Her stuff goes FASTTTT so act quick ! Most people would pair it with pink shoes, but I wanted to do black because the print was already pretty busy.

 I picked up these shoes for only $19.99 from Payless. I was shocked when I seen these on their site so the next morning, I went and picked them up. Very comfortable shoes!

a few more flicks from the reception.. .

another OOTD:

Pink Button shirt, Thrifted - $2
White V-Neck, Target - $8
Printed Pants, H&M - $12something maybe [old]

thanks for the read ! have a great oneeee .

Wednesday, June 6

iNstaGraM poST .

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