Monday, March 26

baCK tO the baSiCS .

every now & then I get these urges to be just a plain Jane. then there are days when I want to be dressed-weird Wendy loll take a look at my pictures & you can figure what look I went for lol

this past weekend I went to a mixer type event at a really nice Italian place. the atmosphere was really chill and a networking type setting. I love events like that..I will take the mature mingling crowd over the loud, dancing, drunk crowd ANY day loll

we all picture which direction we want our look to go before we even get dressed, or know what to wear. in my mind, I wanted a very basic look with a chinese looking loose bun. how more basic can you get with a white tee & jeans?! the basic of allll basics !! loll Target sells my favorite tees. they're called the "Boyfriend tee" and they're only $8. I paired it with some basic dark denim skinny jeans from Forever 21 that I cuffed.

even when being basic, you can try to have at least one item that should pretty much steal all the shine; something that you want to be the focal point. in my outfit for the night, my 4.5inch leopard booties were mine. these aren't the same booties in my previous post(they were peep toe)..but I did order these off of F21's site quite a few months back too. I REALLY wish I had some red geek frames to wear with this outfit, but maybe I will find some this weekend in NY & wear it another day in another way =]

I took the chain from another necklace, and put this "charm" on it. I picked it up while thrifting one day. it's actually one of those thingys you put on fancy cloth napkins on a table setting. but to me, it goes with my necklace hahaa

lastly, I just threw a little color on my face with a colored eye liner I bought from a hairstore. it's like a emeral greeny blueish I guess. I guess that's about it as far as my outfit is concerned. Here are a few more pics from the night.. .

my hairdresser, bestfriend, sister; all in one =]

my ace boon koon, photographer, cousin, and my girlll .. .


welppp, again, thanks for reading !

my next post, will most likely be a recipe posttt, have a meal up my sleeve ;]

Wednesday, March 21

lanD of thE frEE ; hoME of thE LACE !

you really have NO clue how busy you really are until you want to be an active blogger .. I try not to post just ANYTHING and not just blab. really want to put substance on my blog so I guess that's why I don't blog as much as I'd love to.. I am going to get better, I promise .. I just really wish I could put a photographer in my pocket and pull he/she out when I need pictures snapped ahahaa
Dress - Thrifted, Brand New ; $3
Corduroy Vest - Thrifted ; $2
Leopard Peep Toe Wedges - Forever 21 ; $27 (I think)

anywho, I picked up this little dress at the thrift store ..the tags were still on it ! SCORRRE !!   I didn't get too many close up pictures but the dress was navy and white striped. it also had a little lace sorta slanted around the left side of my collar. that's what made me get it..the sleeves were cuffed and it had a drawstring around the waist.

the thrifted corduroy navy vest was a hit too. wasn't new but it was made in Vietnam !! that kinda stuff always excites me loll love seeing things made in other parts of the world!
I paired it with some leopard peep-toe wedges I bought online from Forever 21 last year..

you can kinda see the lace detail on the collar here.

and here is my 3 favorite ladies. My mother and 2 sisters!

thanks for the reeeeeead !

Monday, March 12

LittLe bLacK boOTieS .

yepp, we allll have em. that perfect little black bootie that goes with so much. I love the blocky boot that makes your foot look like it's in a cube loll as soon as I seen these, which was quite a while ago, I had to get em in black ..and in tan. they feel like you're walking in a Spice Girl sneaker ahaa very comfy and easy to walk in.

I had a VERY great weekend. I normally always do. there was one downfall though that I am about to tell yall but don't judge me. loll friday night, me & a party of 14 went to Maggiano's [Little Italy] Restaurant and boyyy did I do damage. We did the family meal thing which is just toooo much food !! and of course, I had to try everything..smh. I didn't eat a WHOLE lot but I just had a little of everything which isn't good for my weak behind stomach. loll but since I LOOOVE Italian food[and tell people I am Italian bc I love it that much lol] I just had to OD. smh but I repented so all is well with me and my soul loll just gotta work it off tomorrow at Zumba.

geeez, enough blabbing ..this is suppose to be about my outfit lolol sorryyy..but anyway, that night, I went for a pretty simple look. My leopard sweater, black short[or maybe flooded] slacks, and my blackkkk babiesss! Entire outfit was THRIFTED except the shoes.
Leopard Sweater - Thrifted , $3.95
Black Slacks - Thrifted , $1
Black Booties - Easy Pickenz , $27

I seen these pants in my local thrift store like one 3 different occasions before I actually bought them. I loved em but I dont know why I kept putting them back. they have like a shiny look to em and that's what I love most. they kinda sorta look leathery but they aren't. they were the perfect fit, and I ended up buying them on a day that ALL ladies pants were just $1. GOOOO MEEEE =] I'm telling you, thrifting is the best hobby everr loll

call me weird, but I don't wear watches to tell time. lol that is probably why when the batteries died, I never replace em. soo yes, most of my watches are "broke" but I say if they're cute, then they're still doing SOMETHING. loll
 these two pieces, I wore on my wrist. the coral bracelet is actually my sisters so I hope she doesn't read this post hahaa and the watch, used to be my moms and I took it since it didn't work.

can anyone tell that from my posts, that I ADORE leopard print. loll not all though because every store is trying to pick up the trend, and it can look cheap so BEWARE !! =]

I wore the sweater once before with my paten leather oxfords and a high messy bun. this is the only flick I took that day. maybe I should hire a photographer one day .. .

let's move on .. just a little. Sunday was a pretty day. not sure why we were lucky enough to skip winter but I am rejoicing that we have so far.. . I rocked this thrifted sweater yesterday and I just love the navy blue and white table cloth-like print. couldn't waaait to wear it. I just paired it with some skinny jeans and my maroon loafers. again, sorry for no full body shots =/

innnnnnnnnnn conclusion, I have the greatest guy in this entire world connected to me. he's way more than I've asked for.. . and I appreciate him. he sent this picture mail to my phone and I almost had an entire heart attack.
he told me that maybe we will go back and get them which I was fine with.. .but at the end of our day, he pulls them out of his trunk and suprised me with them. I was soo excited loll he's the bestesttttt ! I've always admired Jessica Simpson's shoes.

welppp, that's it..hope you enjoyed this loaded posttt loll thank you for reeeading !

Wednesday, March 7

eMeralD oOTD & my haIR !

Since I was young, I never could really put my finger on a favorite color. Every time someone would ask, I never had once answer. I loooove color ! and if I HAD to pick one .. I still couldn't. hahaaa

but anyway, recently I'd be pulled toward that pretty emerald green. That gawwwgeous greenish blueish color that is becoming very popular. Every time I see this color, I have to get it. Sweatshirts, shirts, tees, nail polish..annnything!!
 Leopard Turtleneck - Thrifted , $2
Tan Suede Vest - Thrifted , Free
Emerald Skirt - Thrifted , $4
Nude Shoes - Guess at DSW , $34

I found this skirt at my local thrift store .. . the pictures make it look more blue, but it was really more green. It had a sweater to go with it but I re-donated it because as much as I love sweaters, I really didn't like that one so I just purchased this skirt. Originally, it was just a straight skirt, but since it fit tight on me, my body sorta molded it into a pencil skirt. ahhh, we've all done it ; bought too small stuff and redirected it. loll

but this is just a quick outfit of the day. I wore it two pretty similar ways so far. The way above I wore to church and the way I did it below, I went to an art expo which was really nice. I met the graphic designer for Pastry which I was hype about!!
Leopard Blouse - Thrifted , $4 I believe
Nude Booties - $27

me & my sister  (middle) and cousin (left)

me and my sister again =]

.. and just to end my post on a super random note.. . I got my hair done, which is something I switch up often. I get bored about ever 3 months so I changed my color a little. I had 2 rinses left over some of my previous dye jobs. She mixed a Red Ruby and a Blue Black. They were two different brands so I had no clue the result which is more exciting. It came out like a autumn-red I guess and the rest of my hair is like a dark chocolatey brown. I love it.

welll .. any questions? email me !

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