Monday, March 26

baCK tO the baSiCS .

every now & then I get these urges to be just a plain Jane. then there are days when I want to be dressed-weird Wendy loll take a look at my pictures & you can figure what look I went for lol

this past weekend I went to a mixer type event at a really nice Italian place. the atmosphere was really chill and a networking type setting. I love events like that..I will take the mature mingling crowd over the loud, dancing, drunk crowd ANY day loll

we all picture which direction we want our look to go before we even get dressed, or know what to wear. in my mind, I wanted a very basic look with a chinese looking loose bun. how more basic can you get with a white tee & jeans?! the basic of allll basics !! loll Target sells my favorite tees. they're called the "Boyfriend tee" and they're only $8. I paired it with some basic dark denim skinny jeans from Forever 21 that I cuffed.

even when being basic, you can try to have at least one item that should pretty much steal all the shine; something that you want to be the focal point. in my outfit for the night, my 4.5inch leopard booties were mine. these aren't the same booties in my previous post(they were peep toe)..but I did order these off of F21's site quite a few months back too. I REALLY wish I had some red geek frames to wear with this outfit, but maybe I will find some this weekend in NY & wear it another day in another way =]

I took the chain from another necklace, and put this "charm" on it. I picked it up while thrifting one day. it's actually one of those thingys you put on fancy cloth napkins on a table setting. but to me, it goes with my necklace hahaa

lastly, I just threw a little color on my face with a colored eye liner I bought from a hairstore. it's like a emeral greeny blueish I guess. I guess that's about it as far as my outfit is concerned. Here are a few more pics from the night.. .

my hairdresser, bestfriend, sister; all in one =]

my ace boon koon, photographer, cousin, and my girlll .. .


welppp, again, thanks for reading !

my next post, will most likely be a recipe posttt, have a meal up my sleeve ;]


  1. so cute & simple! i too am in love with the boyfriend tee from target :)

    1. thank you girl ..yes, I love them too !!

  2. I love the shoes

  3. Laid back looks are my favs, you def look cute. Love how u added a touch of leopard!

  4. Cute shoes,nice blog

  5. 1st of all that little avatar is tooo cute
    and you look gorgeous, u have amazing skin!