Tuesday, April 10

kiD n' pLAYYY .

mannnn , I've really been M.I.A this time .. I missed the whole blog scene too. missed stalking my favorite bloggers and all loll 

but this past week, my great grandmother passed away. wasn't ready for that AT ALL ..but with prayers coming from every direction, it's getting a little easier. going to miss her tremendouslyy though =[

wellllll, I check F21's site every single day to see what's new. I love the fact they add new things to their site daily.. . I went on a few weeks ago and seen this shirt I HAD to get. I was thinking about ordering it but I have 2 close-by stores so I decided to see if they had it in store before ordering off line. luckily, they did! so i got out of paying shipping AND waiting loll 

so here's what I picked up ..and what I paired it with. [again, I was my own photographer this go round sooo no fullbody shot but use your imaaaaagination if you'd like lol]

MY BOYS, KID & PLAAAAAY !! loll I was too hype when I seen this shirt. I paired it with a crocheted green vest that I picked up from the thrift store, a wooden cross necklace, my leopard frames from Urban Outfitters, skinny dark denim jeans, & some pink little net ballet shoes from H&M. a little color here and a little color there is always fun, especially when they have nothing to do with one another ahaa

Get the Look:

shirt - Forever 21 $17.50
Crochet Vest - Thrifted $3.50
Pink Ballet Shoes - H&M $14.95
Wooden Cross Necklace - Forever 21 $1.50
Leopard Frames - Urban Outfitters $14.00

few more shots of me..by me =/ loll

better shot of the shirt [still available online too]

and the shoes.. .

thanks for reading .. .no more long posting gaps, I hope. love yalllll !


  1. heyyyy im over dancing lol its cute! Sorry about your great grandmother :(

    1. thank youu Kelly ! dance onn girlfrann loll

  2. sorry for your loss! love the shirt...i love kid n play...i have all the house party movies lol

    1. thank you ..and yes, those movies will always be classics loll

  3. Sorry for your loss :-(!!! I love Kid N Play!!! thats a nice shirt