Monday, April 16

oOTd ; bLacK , gRey & reAd aLL ovER .

whyy hello there ! how was YOUR weekend ? [you can just answer that in your head] .. . no, I'm kidding loll I'd really love to know =]

well, me? my weekend was wonderful and power packeddd . my church hosted our annual Womens' Retreat . it was SO SO SOOOO good !! ladies from all over came and were impacted.

as you know, the whole maxi dress phase is here. and boy, am I the happiest girl because of them. they have to be the most comfortable item after tights right now.

saturday, this was my OOTD [outfit of the day]. this shirt described me so well so I had to pick it up from F21 of courrrse! the dress [worn as a skirt on this day] is from H&M. and paired with some sandals I stole from my girl Melanieee. love youu, Poo loll believe she got them from Bakers years ago.

but yes, if you don't own a maxi dress or skirt yet, PLEASE bless yourself with one because they are so comfortable. . . 

here are quite a few more pictures from this little shoot I had near the water at the hotel.

shoutout to the lady who came out on her deck and watched me take pictures ^ loll

and I couldn't have got these wonderful pictures taken without my fabulous photographer for the day. also a thrifting fashionistaaa, Ms. Joy Parker.. .

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as always, thanks for the read. comment if you'd like =]

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