Tuesday, February 28

"creAM of the YoK" ; Creamy Beef & Broccoli Yok

Dread making dinner after work ?! or maybe you want something different and quick?? wellllp .. I have something tasty and delicious for you to make !! wooo hoooo !! it's the most American Chinese meal ever lol if you don't like Chinese, you'd probably eat this still because the soy sauce is the only "Chinese" thing in this recipe. enough blabbing ..let's GOOO !!

What you'll need..
1lb. Beef Chuck [Butter Steak]
1 package Linguini noodles
half of a large white onion
2 Broccoli Crowns
1 Tablespoon Whipped Cream Cheese
1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 can Beef Gravy
2 tablespoons of flour
Quarter cup of 2% Milk
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt, Soy Sauce to taste

Begin by slicing your steak into strips or chunks. I did chunks because it's an easier bite when it comes to eating. Season with a few dashes of Garlic Salt, Pepper and a few drips of soy sauce. Then just sit to the side while you do the next step.
Next, in a large pot, fill halfway with water, add a teaspoon of salt and allow to come to a boil. Once it boils, add noodles and cook as directed.

Now, put about a quarter cup of water into another medium pot, add a little salt, add the broccoli and allow to steam with lid on pot. Steam for about 15 minutes or until the broccoli gets soft.

While the 2 previous steps are in process, put oil in pan, allow to heat up. Next, add onions and let them fry for about 4 minutes or until they begin to get softer. Add the meat to the onions and cook until the meat is medium well (or if you like your meat well done, then cook a little longer). Turn the fire down to a simmer, and add half of the can of beef gravy. Cover for about 5 minutes.

Now it's time to thicken the juices a little bit. Add the flour to the meat.
Stir and it'll be a little lumpy. Add the milk and stir again. Remove the mixture from the stove top and put into a glass bowl. Add the cream cheese and soy sauce.

Now, it's time to add the creamy steak mixture, noodles, and broccoli into a large pot. Mix all together and serve.

You can add more soy sauce for a more Chinese-tasting dish.


Thanks for reading - let me know how yours tastes !

Monday, February 27

bLanK cAnvas ; simPle whiTe tee .

sometimes, the simplest, cheapest, and most comfortable outfits are the funnest. simple one color tops with a print here and there can say much by not really saying much lol really requires little to no effort to pull off.

We had nice weather a few days ago so me & my mom did lunch and quick thrift stop =] We lucked up and went in on there "Bag Sale" .. this was new to me, but you purchase a trash bag for $5 and fill it up and everything in that bag is just ..well..simple FIIIVE BUCKSSS !! yuppp, I'd take that venture over a Subway sandwich ANY day lol - I got 3 blazers, a cardigan, and sweatshirt that I will be posting future posts so stay tuned!

but on this beautiful day, I simply paired a fresh white tee with printed tights, sneakers and a jean jacket. Super simple and super comfy!

I went through a stage of pretty much collecting jean jackets lol not really on purpose but everytime I went thrifting, I would find one and I'd love the fit so I'd buy it. This one in the picture was only $1 -- I caught it on a"Dollar Day". I pinned some sky blue birdy pins on the shoulder .. . thrifted these too:
Picked up my tights from Forever 21 [Plus] & my white, deep grey, and aqua Nike Huaraches I got from Lady Foot Locker a while back. of course, you know you can get a white tee from ANYWHERE lol I usually get the 'Boyfriend tee' from Target but this is just a simple unisex white tee. last but not least, I picked up those Ferrari sunglasses from a thrift store too for only 75 cents .. loll yea, so this outfit probably cost me a total for about $10 !
HAPPY GIRLLLLL in her own little worlddd ! haaa

Wednesday, February 22

"saLmataS" ; Salmon stuffed Tomatoes =]

ahhh , I'm backkk - I'm really gonna try my very hardest to post waaay more than I have .. I do have a few outfit posts coming along with a give away so stay tuned !

but, as I stated on my very first blog, I loove love love to cook -- honestly, more than I love to eat (shocking right? ..MUST be alot lolol) soo, here goes my first RECIPE POST !! before I begin, I really don't use measuring cups or anything, so if you need exact measurements, I can try to factor that up for you, I surrre hope lol just leave a comment and I will get back atchaa ;]

I was watching my girlllll, Paula Deen on the Food Network one day and she had a guest chef on the show who was making "Deviled Tomatoes" ..it was pretty much just stuffed tomatoes with peppers and onions inside.. EEHHHH, you know I had to remix that cz that is BORINGGGG lol I really wanted to make em but more filling that it could be the main course..or even the only course. sooo since I LOVE salmon, I decided to try a creamed spinach with Salmon inside the tomato. I'll call these "SalmataS"
 soooo here goes nothing .. .


What you need:

Salmon, 2 slices of bacon, spinach (whole or chopped), 4 large tomatoes, 4 teaspoons margerine, whipped cream cheese, 2 scallions, colby jack cheese, jalapeno, old bay, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, horseradish, bread crumbs, and a little ricotta cheese.

Season your fish. I seasoned mine with Old Bay, Garlic and Onion Powder, and Pepper. I also put margerine in the baking dish, for flavor and so it wont stick. (I recommend your spray the pan too for easy cleaning). Bake for liiiiike a half hour on like 350 degrees. No fish really takes that long to bake so just watch it.
This is when I took it out the oven and seperated it with my fork to make sure it was done.

While the Salmon is baking, you can cook up the swine. haaa !! Bacon makes its own grease, so just place the bacon in a frying pan and cook the bacon all the way through. This will just be the topping so if you want, you can just use bacon bits to make it a little easier. After the bacon is complete, cut it into small bits and set aside.

Spinach is a little bitter to me so I normally make it and season it with a fresh garlic clove and a tad tad taddd bit a sugar. Again, optional, however you like your veggies is how you should do it.

This part was kinda fun ; scooping the tomato flesh out of the tomatoes. Start by cutting the tomatoes horizontal in the center. Then, take a spoon and scoop the tomato guts out loll. You can keep them if you'd like to mix with your spinach mixture (I only kept about a tablespoon and trashed the rest). Once that is complete, sprinkle the tomato shells with seasonings. I used garlic and onion powder and pepper again. If you want, add a salt but it's not needed because of the flavor that the inside mixure will have.

Let seee .. what's next ??

ahahaa, I am so tired doing this so these titles to these steps are coming from deliriousness lol
In a large bowl, grate half of a block of the Colby Cheese (you can use cheddar or even pepper jack for a little kick;) ..Put the cheese in the bowl, along with about 2 tablespoons of the whipped cream cheese, a tablespoon of ricotta cheese, 2 chopped scallions, half of a jalapeno (if you like it hot, use the entire thing), a tablespoon of horseradish, and about a tablespoon of breadcrumbs. Mix all that junk together then add the spinach. Break up the Salmon, then add it. You can use a little or all of the margerine and seasoning juices from when you baked the fish. That's where alot of flavor is. Taste the mixture. yummyyy !!

Fill each tomato half with the mixture. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and then top with the bacon bits and a scallion (optional).

I used a cupcake baking pan. lol Put in the oven for about a half hour on 350 degrees. The cheese should be fully melted and the tomatoes should be soft for an easy bite. Then .. the best part ..

I pray this was helpful. I made these a few days ago so I hope I didn't miss anything. I doubt if I did though. But if you make these, let me know how they came out!! I'd love to hear some remixed stories !!

Love you allllll !

Stay tuned for my give awaaaaay coming superrr soon =]

Wednesday, February 8

thE graPhiChiC .

another one of my top passions .. is Graphic Designing :]. that's pretty much is art done digitally ; a wiiiiide range of art. Since I was very little, I LOVED art. I began really drawing in 2nd grade .. wellllp, actually, that's just when my sketches actually began looking like something. haa

I started graphic designing at about age 13ish and that's when I knew that's what I wanted to do. My mother has had her printing business for over 12 years now, and I would always love to design the fliers, business cards, tshirt designs, etc. That's where it all started .. but after highschool, I went on to strengthen my gift in Graphic Designing and Animation at Anthem Institute. 

Attached are some of my most recent samples. I have tons more on my Facebook page and I post some on my twitter page too, so follow meee :] ---> @CMY726 .

^graduation handouts

^birthday ball invitation.

^flyer for a church cafe

^promo flyer

^specials flyer

^church program cover

Cartoons I've done.. .

most recent logos.. .

Need my services? I'm your girl !

email me at

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Monday, February 6

BlacK with a spLash .

 ..often times, we try and hide in black. maybe to make us seem slimmer or just so we don't stick out too much. I stay away from wearing black way too often because I love color and we look GREAT in it.
BUT a night of ALL BLACK EVERYTHING is necessary every now and then. the other night, I went out to Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley with some of the girls. Didn't feel like wearing heels but I still "dressed up" .. a little anyway.
I wore a black body suit that had a sheer collared shirt connected to it that I picked up at a VERY small thrift store near my job. It was just $2 and I love it. This is just one way I decided to wear it, but in the future, I have a few more ideas ;]
My pants are from Forever 21 - they're kinda MC Hammer-like. a little bubble fit at the waist line and comes down to be a little more fitted by the ankles. They also have zippers at the ankles.
how you accessorize, can make(and sometimes BREAK) the outfit. I kept it simple because I wanted more of the attention to be at my eyes than anywhere else. Picked up my leopard frames from Urban Outfitters and I love them. in my opinion, they can go with pretty much everything, especially another print (pattern clashing is my FAVORITE, btw). Oddly enough, I'd probably never wear them if I am wearing anything else leopard. I am not a fan of matching TOO MUCH. weird? ahhh, yupppp, that's me! haa. OH! and the royal blue liner I got from a hairstore. Lasts all night long!

For my lips, all I did was start with regular chapstick(a must - let's take of our lips, ladies). On top of that, was just a 99 cent nude lipstick by Wet n' Wild (900B) and I topped that with a whipped vanilla lipgloss from Bath & Body Works. They have the best gloss because it doesn't leave that white ring after a while. 

OXFORRRRRRRRDS ! Love these simple black patent leather oxfords I picked up on sale at Aldo for $30. Look like tap shoes!

lastly, check out my lovely girls & the birthday girl in gold!

Wednesday, February 1

iNtroducing cMy & my bLog .

Ayyye reader - I appreciate you taking the time out to visit my blog =]
A little about ME & my bloggg --> I am a 22 year old SECURE|full-figured|FULLY FABULOUS Graphic Designer, Thrifter, & Fashionistaaa ! I wanted to start a blog to encourage those who may not have what Hollywood portrays as the "perfect" or "model-type" body, that WE ARE ONE OF THE MOST FABULOUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD !!

In this blog, I will share tips and maybe even tricks to help you be fully secure and to KNOW that no matter WHAT size you may be, you are beautiful and unbelievably fabulous! I will also share my wonderful thrift-store finds. It's NOTHING like finding fly vintage fashion at a super low price. So, come on..let's branch out ! We can wear more than black, browns, and greys -- show that curvy shape of yours ;]

Other than art, graphics, and fashion .. another passion of mine is COOKING . I will share some meals and ways you can make it your own.

So, I hope you find my blog interesting and visit me frequently - I'd LOVE to have you =]