Wednesday, February 8

thE graPhiChiC .

another one of my top passions .. is Graphic Designing :]. that's pretty much is art done digitally ; a wiiiiide range of art. Since I was very little, I LOVED art. I began really drawing in 2nd grade .. wellllp, actually, that's just when my sketches actually began looking like something. haa

I started graphic designing at about age 13ish and that's when I knew that's what I wanted to do. My mother has had her printing business for over 12 years now, and I would always love to design the fliers, business cards, tshirt designs, etc. That's where it all started .. but after highschool, I went on to strengthen my gift in Graphic Designing and Animation at Anthem Institute. 

Attached are some of my most recent samples. I have tons more on my Facebook page and I post some on my twitter page too, so follow meee :] ---> @CMY726 .

^graduation handouts

^birthday ball invitation.

^flyer for a church cafe

^promo flyer

^specials flyer

^church program cover

Cartoons I've done.. .

most recent logos.. .

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  1. Wow not only are you FAB but also creative! keep it comin girl

  2. You are TALENTED!!! Give me some of your creativity!!!!

    1. aww thank youu =] i'm loving your blog !! you're beautifulll.

  3. Wow you did a great job on those!

  4. These are amazing! I like graphic desingning too but I'm not actually good at it. You are!! I wish I could do that cartoons.