Wednesday, February 1

iNtroducing cMy & my bLog .

Ayyye reader - I appreciate you taking the time out to visit my blog =]
A little about ME & my bloggg --> I am a 22 year old SECURE|full-figured|FULLY FABULOUS Graphic Designer, Thrifter, & Fashionistaaa ! I wanted to start a blog to encourage those who may not have what Hollywood portrays as the "perfect" or "model-type" body, that WE ARE ONE OF THE MOST FABULOUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD !!

In this blog, I will share tips and maybe even tricks to help you be fully secure and to KNOW that no matter WHAT size you may be, you are beautiful and unbelievably fabulous! I will also share my wonderful thrift-store finds. It's NOTHING like finding fly vintage fashion at a super low price. So, come on..let's branch out ! We can wear more than black, browns, and greys -- show that curvy shape of yours ;]

Other than art, graphics, and fashion .. another passion of mine is COOKING . I will share some meals and ways you can make it your own.

So, I hope you find my blog interesting and visit me frequently - I'd LOVE to have you =]



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    1. thanks , Kirrrrr ! you can help me with this cz ima super beginner on this site loll love your page're such an inspiraaation =]

  2. Looks great Shwootz!! Proud of ya and all the great work you do! Excited to see what new journeys God leads you through! Be blessed sissta, love ya, <3

  3. Girl Im lovin your blog already! you are FAB girly!!!

  4. i started my blog around the same time as you.....i wish you all the best; may the world see you as an inspiration!

    Chi-Chi (LDN,UK)

  5. Hey Love!
    -Fiercely Yours, Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle