Monday, February 27

bLanK cAnvas ; simPle whiTe tee .

sometimes, the simplest, cheapest, and most comfortable outfits are the funnest. simple one color tops with a print here and there can say much by not really saying much lol really requires little to no effort to pull off.

We had nice weather a few days ago so me & my mom did lunch and quick thrift stop =] We lucked up and went in on there "Bag Sale" .. this was new to me, but you purchase a trash bag for $5 and fill it up and everything in that bag is just ..well..simple FIIIVE BUCKSSS !! yuppp, I'd take that venture over a Subway sandwich ANY day lol - I got 3 blazers, a cardigan, and sweatshirt that I will be posting future posts so stay tuned!

but on this beautiful day, I simply paired a fresh white tee with printed tights, sneakers and a jean jacket. Super simple and super comfy!

I went through a stage of pretty much collecting jean jackets lol not really on purpose but everytime I went thrifting, I would find one and I'd love the fit so I'd buy it. This one in the picture was only $1 -- I caught it on a"Dollar Day". I pinned some sky blue birdy pins on the shoulder .. . thrifted these too:
Picked up my tights from Forever 21 [Plus] & my white, deep grey, and aqua Nike Huaraches I got from Lady Foot Locker a while back. of course, you know you can get a white tee from ANYWHERE lol I usually get the 'Boyfriend tee' from Target but this is just a simple unisex white tee. last but not least, I picked up those Ferrari sunglasses from a thrift store too for only 75 cents .. loll yea, so this outfit probably cost me a total for about $10 !
HAPPY GIRLLLLL in her own little worlddd ! haaa