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TONIGHT on my cooking show, I'll teach you how to make this EASY but FANCY meal that will WOW your guests!!

Pretzel Encrusted Salmon with a Cajun Mayonaise Drizzle !

I demonstrate two SIMPLE ways to make this QUICK meal.

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Thursday, September 27

pRomO Vid ; almost TIIIIME !!

featuring on my first show:

Pretzel Encrusted Salmon with Sauteed Spinach and a Spicy Cajun Mayo Drizzle =]

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Saturday, September 22

whaT's cOOKing, goOD looKiNG ?!

ladiesss, gentssss, HIIIIII ! I know, I know, I went M.I.A. yet again. Soo much great things have been going on and I wanted to share some with YOU!

As you all know, I have a passion for being in the kitchen. loll not only to eat, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to coooook =] and I have been BLESSED with the most awesome opportunity to have my VERY OWN Cooking show!!! ahhhh, sooo exciting!! and luckily, it will be viewable online so everyone all over can tune in =] I begin taping this week so I hope you guys are keeping in me in your prayers. 
I will def. be back very soon with the link so all my favorite bloggers (you, you, you, ANNDDDDD YOU!) can tune in, give me insight, feedback, and alllll that good stuff! 

and these are some meals I have done that will be featured on the show!


Sunday, August 5

shRimP, riCe, & aLL thiNGs niiCe .

yaaay, I am back with a super simple and delicious recipe! I've been trying to expand my menu on my Vegetarian Tuesdays & Thursdays . I've been on this Tilapia kick, but I did shrimp this time =] So let's get started with this Yellow Rice with Shrimp, Peppers, and Onions.

1 sm. Red Pepper
1 sm. Yellow Pepper
1 sm. Green Pepper
2-3 scallions
1.5 lbs. of Shrimp [peel & deveined]
1 package Imitation Crabmeat
1 Box Goya Yellow Rice
Old Bay, to taste
Garlic Salt or Powder, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Onion Powder, to taste
Cayenne Pepper, to taste
Duck Sauce, to taste

First, follow the directions on the box of Yellow Rice and sit aside on stove.

Now, chop all veggies very fine in nice bite size pieces. Sautee them in a large pan.

Lightly season the veggies [optional] as they begin to soften.

Lightly season seafood in a separate bowl with OldBay, Pepper, Onion Powder, and Garlic. Add seafood to veggies. Add a tablespoon or so of Duck Sauce. It gives it a little sweet kick. I also added a LITTLE Cayanne Pepper - don't add alot or the spicy taste will overtake and ruin this entire dish!

Cover. Allow to cook on low heat until shrimp turns the orangish pink and veggies are nice and soft.

Add to cooked rice and WAH-LAH.

Easy, Quick, and tasty!

I also made some fresh broccoli and ate it with it. I would've put it all together but my dad doesn't like broccoli so I had to accommodate everyone..loll

Hope you enjoyed this simple meal - try it, let me know how yours came out! Also, I'd LOVE to hear any twists you put to your dish =]

thanks for the read - stay blessed !

Tuesday, July 17

thRee kEEpinG it COOL looKS .

YESSSS, FINALLY .. I'm back ! Been M.I.A. for a wee bit, but I am BACK. Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I've thrifted, of course, so I have a couple items to share.

this post will feature three easy looks. I've really been thinking about keeping cool first, fashionable second. lol it's been in the high 90s but feeling like the mid hundreds ahaa

let's see .. . above, I am wearing a denim tank and a mid-length pleated floral skirt with a brown belt. all items were thrifted!
Denim Tank - $1
Pleated Floral Skirt - $4
Belt - $1

nice and simple look. I just simply took a basic H&M tank and paired it with a long floral maxi skirt that I knotted. so, it was pretty much an homemade high-low type look. loll 

lastly, I only have a little portion of this striped top I picked up while thrifting. it was very loose fitting which I liked the most. [btw, I am trying any and everything I can do to my hair to prevent putting heat to it this summer ..HELP, I need more ideas =] here's my high bun.

Striped Shirt - $1

thanks for yall patience with me, I will be posting more often, promise, promise, promise!! even thinking about doing a vlog soon, ahhh, I'm nervous lol

LOVE YALL & thanks for the follows. .   .but if you don't --->

Monday, June 18

anOthER weDDinG wEEKenD . [twO oOTDs]

ayyy ladies ! I am back from my mini girls weekend . had a fantastic time at my girl Joscie's wedding ! such a beautiful day , I love weddings .. I love LOVE , all that good stuff .

I got another rod set, this time they were smaller pieces and I used the orange and red rods. came out tighter but as they fell, it was fuller, which is what I really like about this one.

ahhh, enough talking, let's see some pictures .. .

I instantly feel in love with this dress when I seen Linda, from A Fat Girl's Blues Boutique rocking it on her site. Her stuff goes FASTTTT so act quick ! Most people would pair it with pink shoes, but I wanted to do black because the print was already pretty busy.

 I picked up these shoes for only $19.99 from Payless. I was shocked when I seen these on their site so the next morning, I went and picked them up. Very comfortable shoes!

a few more flicks from the reception.. .

another OOTD:

Pink Button shirt, Thrifted - $2
White V-Neck, Target - $8
Printed Pants, H&M - $12something maybe [old]

thanks for the read ! have a great oneeee .

Wednesday, June 6

iNstaGraM poST .

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Thursday, May 31

moRe LEopARd & cuRLs !

ohhh my goodness, oh how I truly missed blogging .. . and since I made you all wait SO long [again], I plan on making this one a good post !! lot's of pictures, secrets, details and whatever else I can say to make you continue reading LOL
so let's seee .. we all know it's gotten super hot SUPER EARLY ..heat waves in May?? I don't mind the heat, I'd rather be hot than cold. anyway, the first thing I thought about when I seen upper 80s and 90s, is MY HAIR!! I'm ALWAYS straightening it..and it's getting to be too much and too much heat on the hair is NEVER good. So I decided to give my mop top a break and try something new. I've been on youtube back to back getting hooked on ROD SETS! I love the outcome in the vids and I wanted to try one. With my hair already being naturally curly[too tight for my liking] , I was def. nervous for the outcome. but I am SO grateful I ran across the beautiful "acurlsbestfriend" on youtube !

okay, enough chatter, let's see what we came out with.. .THE PROCESS.
I am not going to walk you through step to step of the rod set because there are 1,000+ youtube vids that can aid you. but I did add these products to my hair after washing & conditioning it:

Day 1:
[my face looked REAL dumb so I'm sharing a cupcake instead lol]

When I first took out the rods, I was NOT fan! Day 1 was definitely my LEAST favorite day ..I couldn't take the tightness and even KNEW they would look like that but I was just going through lol I was even 2 seconds from washing it out and flat ironing it..smh but I am SOOOO glad that I didn't..

by the end of my work day, they began to frizz and I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel..
..they were still too short looking for me..but I mainly did them for my cousin's wedding I was attending on the weekend, so I just planned on doing an updo.

I was messing with them the night before [STILL contemplating on straightening it smh]. I started youtubing once again to see if anyone could save me & I ran into the vid. to be honest, I didn't even listen to it, I just watched it and tried it and was sorta pleased.

FINALLY..the day came. the wedding day! I wasn't in the wedding but still decided I wanted my make up done .. . so I reached out to my girl Jasmine [follow her @MakeupisLUV] .. I normally wear very little make up [mascara & lipgloss] so I didn't want anything waaay out the box. I told her what I wanted and she quickly mastered it!

and here's what I wore.. .
Dress - Platos Closet [pretty much a thrift store] $10
Shoes - Platos Closet, brand new - $13
Pocketbook - Thrifted $2
Water - lolol sike but it was a HOT day loll

my date, my wonderful boyfriend =]

of course, the bathroom shot. loll

my cousin, Ronnie.

a few more Rod Set pics.. .

Day #3

I also found a new lipstick that I LOOOVE! so much moisture in it and the color is just what I love, a pale and calming pink.

 "Pink Blush" by Rimmel - Walmart $3 something

Day #4 [Memorial Day!]

so yes, this is def. my summer-do lasts long and the messier it gets, the better and big it begins to look. I hope you enjoyed this OOTD, hair, and lipstick post loll

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