Tuesday, July 17

thRee kEEpinG it COOL looKS .

YESSSS, FINALLY .. I'm back ! Been M.I.A. for a wee bit, but I am BACK. Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I've thrifted, of course, so I have a couple items to share.

this post will feature three easy looks. I've really been thinking about keeping cool first, fashionable second. lol it's been in the high 90s but feeling like the mid hundreds ahaa

let's see .. . above, I am wearing a denim tank and a mid-length pleated floral skirt with a brown belt. all items were thrifted!
Denim Tank - $1
Pleated Floral Skirt - $4
Belt - $1

nice and simple look. I just simply took a basic H&M tank and paired it with a long floral maxi skirt that I knotted. so, it was pretty much an homemade high-low type look. loll 

lastly, I only have a little portion of this striped top I picked up while thrifting. it was very loose fitting which I liked the most. [btw, I am trying any and everything I can do to my hair to prevent putting heat to it this summer ..HELP, I need more ideas =] here's my high bun.

Striped Shirt - $1

thanks for yall patience with me, I will be posting more often, promise, promise, promise!! even thinking about doing a vlog soon, ahhh, I'm nervous lol

LOVE YALL & thanks for the follows. .   .but if you don't --->


  1. love the floral maxi and the striped shirt! i agree...this heat is something else lol

    1. thank youu ..and girl, im so glad we finally got these few cooling off days lol hope yall did too!

  2. Cute! I love your bun in last pic. Your thrifted finds are FAB hun!!

    Nique {www.niqueinthemiddle.com}

  3. all the looks are super cute! Keep rolling your hair up, those looks are so you!

    1. I guess I will until I get bored again lolol thankss