Monday, May 7

piC reCaPs . quiTe a feW OotDs !

alright, alright, alriiiight .. . I have been doing horrible again. this was the hugest gap and there's no exuses for it! but ima find one anyway, I gotta find me a photographer..loll or just time to snap pics before I leave because I never have any. I don't want to be the poster with all mirror pictures because that's so unprofessional but today ..yes today, I have to take that road. d'ahhh welp, I just hate to leave you guys with nothing. but most the pics are from my phone so bare with me. and if you seen them on instagram, pretend you didn't and leave me some comments loll

let's start off with this look.. .
thrifted Ralph Lauren button male button up. I loved the logo on the sleeve. $2
Boyfriend tee, Target, $8
Skinny Denims, F21 $13 [I think]
Cross Necklace, F21, $1.50
Leopard booties, F21, $30 something

I found a new love! After tights, maxi dresses may be the most comfortable item for the season. This dress is actually a tank top one from H&M (same as grey one in previous post, had to go back for another.) $17.95
I put a black light sweater on top with mesh sleeves. Thrifted, $4
and just wore it with some black sandals.

ohh man, what a fun day this^ was! My cousin knows how much I love to cook[and eat] lol so she got me and my aunt tickets to the Rachael Ray Show in New York. it was such a good time. and this is what I wore.
Denim Button Up $2
Red Skinny Jeans $4
Loafers $6
Colorful Purse $2
Necklace, F21, [old]

 another regular casual day. 
Navy & White striped shirt, H&M $8.95, I believe
Khaki Pants, Thrifted, $4
Loafers [not shown], Thrifted, like $5 

and last but not leeeeast.. .

wooo hooo, when I saw this, it was a MUST that I get it because of my boyfriend, who happens to be my FAVORITE trumpet player. picked it up from F21, $3.80
H&M shades, $6.95

Sheer-like Tribal Vest, F21, $19.95
White shirt, H&M, $9.95
Black Tights, F21, $6.50
Sandals, F21, $7.50

well guys, I hope you found some kind of interest to this post. forgive me for the self photography. loll but, let me know what you think and most importantly, TRY THRIFTING if you haven't alreadyyy =]

thanks for the reeead !


  1. Super FAB! Love the leopard print booties!

    Stay beautiful!*Smooches*

    1. aww thank you so much dear ! love your bloggg !!

  2. Very Pretty. I love the tribal vest

  3. Pretty!! I like all the looks on you, but my fav is the first look.