Wednesday, March 21

lanD of thE frEE ; hoME of thE LACE !

you really have NO clue how busy you really are until you want to be an active blogger .. I try not to post just ANYTHING and not just blab. really want to put substance on my blog so I guess that's why I don't blog as much as I'd love to.. I am going to get better, I promise .. I just really wish I could put a photographer in my pocket and pull he/she out when I need pictures snapped ahahaa
Dress - Thrifted, Brand New ; $3
Corduroy Vest - Thrifted ; $2
Leopard Peep Toe Wedges - Forever 21 ; $27 (I think)

anywho, I picked up this little dress at the thrift store ..the tags were still on it ! SCORRRE !!   I didn't get too many close up pictures but the dress was navy and white striped. it also had a little lace sorta slanted around the left side of my collar. that's what made me get it..the sleeves were cuffed and it had a drawstring around the waist.

the thrifted corduroy navy vest was a hit too. wasn't new but it was made in Vietnam !! that kinda stuff always excites me loll love seeing things made in other parts of the world!
I paired it with some leopard peep-toe wedges I bought online from Forever 21 last year..

you can kinda see the lace detail on the collar here.

and here is my 3 favorite ladies. My mother and 2 sisters!

thanks for the reeeeeead !


  1. Aww reminds me of my mom and two sisters :)

  2. cute little dress & it was only 3 bucks! im jealous lol

    1. ahahaa thank you and yupp ..just 3 bucks lol

  3. Blog when you can; i think that your posts definately have substance x

    I have tagged you to answer 11 Qs! I would be grateful if you could answer them x

    1. thank you doll ! that made me smile !! and i will def. answer em shortly.. .